Who we are

We work together as a team for 5 years. Our favourite group of products is Microsoft SharePoint and Office. We are familiar with them for years and we are pretty sure that we have the knowledge, capabilities and, above all, the desire to build interesting solutions.

We like the cloud revolution, Office 365 and SharePoint Online and can also supply solutions, where different elements sway in the clouds.

We build solutions based on Microsoft technologies since 2000, we know .NET Framework from the very beginning and the SQL Server since version 7.

How we work

Within five years we have had the pleasure of working for 29 organizations, we realized 168 projects. Each one of them was successfull.

Over 70% of customers come back and want to work with us in their future projects. We believe that this is true confirmation of the quality of our work. #BecauseWeAreCool

We really care about your business, your privacy and your sensitive data. #HonestyAboveAll

What we do

We have a "portfolio" of several solutions that can be implemented very quickly. Some of them require only configuration, others should be adapted to integrate with other systems operating in the Organization, but the amount of work and resources is not comparable with building similar solutions from scratch.

We suggest the use of our solutions in the Intranet, which will can help design and build.

We are able to deliver solutions to handle vacation requests and absences, conduct an annual evaluation of employees, view an active organizational structure, simply and effectively manage service requests.

Where we are

Stellar Fox Sp. z o.o.
Zoltana Balo 8/7
02-793 Warszawa