Support of electronic vacation requests - submission and acceptance workflow. Possible (and even advisable :) integration with HR systems.

Employees always know their number of available time-off days, when they were, and when they will go on vacation, even when they substitute someone.

Thanks to absence calendars managers know exactly on which cast thay can count on every day.

HR no longer drowns in documents and creating last minute reports for the board is not a problem.


There is a perfect order in Active Directory? Everything is updated on a regular basis? In such situation, presentation of the current organizational structure should be very easy.

But who will explain to the Division Director their appearance on the same level as the CEO's secretary?


In any organization at some point in her life, there is need for evaluation of employees. Typically, it is performed once a year, sometimes more often.

In our basic solution evaluation steps are as follows: self-evaluation, then joint assessment and conversation with manager - discussing goals for the next year. The collected data can be used to prepare many reports, eg the average ratings for job positions or organizational units.

If necessary, we can easily complete the assessment process with additional elements such as automatic generation of evaluation sheet in XLS format.


End of yellow notes, taking service requests in the corridor, and continuous phone calls "do you already know what's wrong with my printer?".

Everything is saved on the portal, with the request number, date and comments. When it's done, or additional information will be needed - email will be sent. Automatically.

It is easy to get reports, easy to count the cost, easy to control the timing and workload.